When tradition meets comfort

Three studio apartments in Vissa and Finikas on the island of Syros, near the beach.
They feature classic Cyclades architecture, all comforts, full equipment, and additional services.

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Studio Sirocco

Studio Ponente

Studio Ostria

House Levante

House Levante

Stay in Vissa or Finikas on Syros

We may be based on Syros but our visitors hold a special place in our heart and services. For your holidays, we offer you three, fabulous studio apartments: SIROCCO and PONENTE in Vissa can accommodate two persons and an infant, while our brand new OSTRIA studio apartment in Finikas can accommodate two persons.

The spaces: great optics, full comfort

Our philosophy is reflected in our accommodations’ aesthetics and in the choice of building materials and hospitality services we offer our guests. In other words, fully respecting local culture and color, we adopted Cycladic architecture and the overall architectural style prevalent in the Greek islands and built our premises using stone and wood. At the same time, we spared no effort in making our apartments as comfortable as possible by fully equipping them and furnishing them. Our studio apartments SIROCCO, PONENTE, and OSTRIA are licensed for operation by EOT, Greece’s national tourism organization. SIROCCO and PONENTE are located just 7 km away from Hermoupolis and 2 km away from the beach of Finikas. OSTRIA is located 9 km away from Hermoupolis and literally just a stone’s throw away (150 m) off the beach of Finikas.

Safety, all-natural building materials, freshly made breakfasts: where else will you find so much?

We saved the best part for last: our apartments are certified by for safety of accommodations and against fire. Our bedding is made of all-natural materials by Cocomat and in your fridge you will find some basic products to make your stay more comfortable while loukoumia and mastic are waiting for your first welcome!  It is our way of saying “thank you for your preference”.  And here is one promise: rest assured that our tranquil countryside setting will be just the thing to rid you of all the stress of your everyday routine so that you can enjoy your holidays without a care in the world.

Additional benefits: car rental, personalized concierge services

While enjoying your stay in our new studio in Finikas, don’t forget to take advantage of our Maistrali CarRental and Maistrali Concierge services: home away from home in our rental studio apartments is the priceless ambience we’re aiming for.


Our studio apartments PONENTE, SIROCCO, and OSTRIA are safety-checked for hazards including fire.
Our studios are fully licensed by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT). PONENTE and SIROCCO: License No. 1177K132K1298101. OSTRIA: License No. 1177K132K1357301





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