Safety And Fire Protection For Vessels

Safety and Fire Protection for Vessels – Certified Services

Maistrali Safety has been offering fire protection products and services since 1974. With shipyard and shipbuilding being part of Syros (Cyclades), Maistrali Safety specializes in the area of safety and fire protection for vessels.

The new generation of motivated and exceptionally talented experts at Maistrali Safety will be pleased to advise you with technical know-how and long-term experience and offer excellent services and products focusing on:

  • Safety of passengers and crew
  • Safety of vessel, cargo and property
  • Compliance to according legislation and regulations safety and fire safety
  • Consideration of changes in laws and regulations
  • Ecological awareness and protection of the environment

Services of high quality are guaranteed by our well trained and experienced technicians and our modern facilities and equipment.  Our cooperation partners are certificated by the most known classification and certification societies such us ABS, BUREAU VERITAS, RINA, EVETAM , EUROCERT , L’LOYDS REGISTRY and soon NKK and INSB.

Our Services for Vessels

Services are available for the ports of Syros (Cyclades), Piraeus and Limasol on Cyprus and comprise:


  • Inspection, maintenance, refilling, hydraulic testing & new supply of fire extinguishers


  • Studies and installations, inspections, hydraulic tests and repairs of permanent systems, Water Mist, FM 200, Hi Fog


  • Inspection and supplying life-saving equipment (immersion suits, life rafts, life jackets, breathing apparatus, emergency escape breathing device, Fire hoses, Medical Oxygen, Fireman Suit etc)


  • Maintenance and supply of fire detection equipment


  • Inspection of life boats, launching appliances & release gear
  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements
  • Independent load testing
  • Accommodation ladder load testing

Contact us – our technical department will be happy to inform and advise you about all services and products.